A Message from our CEO Lander: COVID-19 Update

Watch a Day in the Life as CEO- Starring Lander! Here is a video of our day-to-day activities that get addressed when running a business from home! Even though the Corona Virus has changed the way we live, we can still find joy in the little things. Stay healthy and stay safe – Whirly Board.

What is Happening …?

These are scary times for all of us! I’m lucky because I am young enough that I don’t have to understand, but I know that something bad is happening. I see my parents nervously watching their screen boxes and it makes me concerned. I hear big words like “social distancing” and “quarantine”. I don’t know what that means, but my mom says we can’t go anywhere for a long time.

We were supposed to leave for Florida this week, but dad said we can go anymore, even though I miss my grandmas and my auntie and uncle. They said everyone needs to stay home to keep themselves and others safe. It sounds important, so I have to trust them to keep us safe while I keep the factory running.

What we are Doing at Whirly Board to keep our Customers safe:

It’s very important to me that we get through this pandemic while keeping ourselves and our customers safe and healthy. I will continue to enforce the high standards of service we always provide, like same-day shipping on orders before noon, and 100% customer satisfaction. We need to keep building Whirlies because kids need something fun to do while staying home, and adults need efficient home workouts, and a way to stay active at their standing desks!

To help keep our customers safe, I make my dad work alone now, until my Grandpas can come back to help.  My dad says I did a great job setting up our business because it’s easy for us to operate in a closed-loop without coming into contact with anyone. We don’t get any visitors except the man in the big brown truck that picks up the Whirly Boards. I’m glad my dad’s shop is here at home so he doesn’t have to go anywhere, and I can keep a close eye on him from the monitor in my office. Mom also has a strict quarantine rule for any incoming packages. No one can touch them, not even me, for at least 3 days.

I think staying home is the best way we can all do our part to beat this danger. It’s really not so bad to stay home, it means more family time, and I get to teach my brother all the important skills he will need. I think we should try to appreciate these extra moments together while we do the right thing by staying out of public. I hope when the world emerges from this, we can all have a renewed sense of appreciation for what is important in life.

“To help keep our customers safe, I make my dad work alone now, until my Grandpas can come back to help.”

-Lander Olsen, CEO

How did we get here?

I keep wondering why so many people are getting sick so fast? Maybe because a lot of people didn’t take this coronavirus danger seriously at first. Even though they knew it was coming, they didn’t take action until it was too late. They had to wait until the orange man told them to be careful, instead of being careful on their own. We can still get through this, we just need to work together and be extra careful.

We should be very thankful for all the people helping! Manufactures who have converted their normal operations to produce PPE, and Especially the people in the medical field who are putting themselves at risk every day to help others. What would we do without good people like that? No matter what you believe in, I think being kind, caring, and willing to help others is the most important.

What if this sickness is here because too many humans are starting to forget those morals? What if too many people are letting greed and other bad attitudes control their actions. If too many people act like that, it makes the world a scary place. When this is over, I hope more people remember to be good and make an effort to do the right thing.

Looking Towards the Future

I am excited to grow up in this world, but I am also scared. I am afraid because I think a lot of humans don’t care enough about the Earth either! I like to watch nature shows, the man with the British accent tells me all about our awesome planet. I am worried that if we continue to disrespect the earth, it might fight back. Maybe that is why people are getting sick. Maybe the earth thinks that we are being mean to it, so it needs to stop us before we destroy it.

Even though it’s very bad that so many people are suffering, this could be a warning that we need to respect our home planet before it’s too late. Maybe the destruction of the environment is like the Coronavirus. We need to be proactive ahead of time before it’s too late and things get really bad. I think we can still save the environment too, but we need to work together! My dad says we humans have incredible technology and resources at our disposal. The way technology is advancing, he says my brother and I will see things in the future that people don’t even understand yet. I hope that we can use these resources for good, and prevent more destruction. I think we better pay attention to this scary sickness and realize that if we continue to disrespect our planet, it might start disrespecting us back.

I told my mom and dad that even though we are just a small business and we don’t have “influencer status” we need to do our part to deliver a positive message. We need to encourage people to put down their screen box once in a while and appreciate real life. We need to remind them to get outside and enjoy outdoor hobbies. If more people do things that help them appreciate nature, maybe they will care enough to want to save it!

How we are Helping Feed America

I am thankful that my dad can keep working through these difficult times, but I am concerned about all the people who can’t go to work right now. I wanted to help, so I suggested that we donate to help get food to people who need it. Mom said we could set up a donation of $25 to Feed America for every Whirly Board sold through our website this month! I said that would be great and told my mom to make it happen!

I also want to give away some of our extra Whirly Boards to people who are getting bored staying at home. Dad said that he would set aside 10 special boards to give away in May too. Keep an eye on our social media for more information on how to claim one. Let’s all work together and get through this the best we can. Let’s also learn from this and try to have more respect for each other and our planet. In times like this, we should spread more kindness to overcome the virus.

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