Whirly Board Mountain Printed Deck


The 2017 Mountain Printed Whirly Board is made from converted Canadian maple skateboard decks that use only natural wood. Each board is printed with a scene of the mountains first snow fall that incorporates snowflakes, mountains and trees. Every snow athlete’s favorite time of year!

Do you really guarantee the Whirly Board for Life?

Absolutely! We here at Whirly Board believe in quality of our craftsmanship and know what its like to have products built to break right after their warranty expires. Our materials are mostly sourced in Wisconsin and hand built in our home workshop.

Register your Whirly Board online with your unique serial number on our Whirly Warranty page so that you can always have a guaranteed replacement for any manufacture defects.

We guarantee that our boards are pretty much indestructible and we will replace it if for some freak chance something happens to it, and the shipping is on us.

Can I use my board on wood floors, tile or cement?

We are going to say a big NO on this one! Our reasons are two fold:

1) You might end up scratching your floors and the cost of repairing wood floors is not worth a whirl session!

2) It is not safe to use a Whirly Board on slippery surfaces. You are most likely going to damage yourself before your board.

We recommend buying one of our specially designed Whirl Mats to help you spin at your full potential. Don’t want to spend the extra money?

Thin carpet is what we recommend that works the BEST!


What is the Weight Limit?

We have driven over our test boards with a Jeep Grand Cherokee and didn’t have any issues. We also have thrown it off of a two story roof top without breaking.

We suggest a weight limit of around 500 lbs to be safe. If you are afraid of breaking your board, don’t fret, we have a Whirly Guarantee that will replace any board due to any manufacture defect.

If your board squashes or cracks, we will send you a new one! Just keep whirlin!

Please email us and let us know if you have any problems [email protected]

Do I need to wear shoes on my board?

Yes and No. It depends on the type of board that you get and what you will be using it for.

If you will be using your board to practice board sport tricks, we recommend getting the Skateboard Grip Tape style option and wearing shoes. This will give you more control and protect your feet from the abrasive grip tape.

If you will be using your board to work out or have kids that would use it often without shoes, we recommend the Cork Rubber Grip Tape style option that is softer on your hands and feet. You can still use shoes if you choose on the cork rubber because it is a very durable material.

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The Mountain Scene Whirly Board spinning balance board is made in Wisconsin from Canadian maple skateboard decks. Each board features a heat transfer graphic of a mountain scene while the first snow flakes of the season are beginning to fall above the mountains and trees. Every snow athlete’s favorite time of year, and also a nice view to enjoy the outdoors.

Whirly Board Grip Tape Options

Skateboard Grip Tape: Best used with shoes —recommended for skateboarders and advanced level skateboard-style tricks

Cork Rubber:  This material is softer and can also be used barefoot or with socks.
Great for core muscle strengthening, balance training, and gym workouts.


*Lifetime Guarantee

*Whirly Boards are designed and built to last forever. Under normal circumstances nothing should go wrong, but if it does, we want to know about it and we want to make it right. Weather it involves repair or replacement we never want an unhappy or unsatisfied customer.  Please contact us with your issue and we will take care of it quickly. Please understand we can not replace a Whirly that has been mistreated such as being left outside for an extended period of time or thrown under a train!

Improve your Center of Balance, Agility, and Spatial Awareness


What makes a Whirly Board unique are the three independent balance points. Each balance point allows pivoting or spinning for endless possibilities of motion and tricks. Consequently, the Whirly board enables a person to work many muscles in their body all at once. Build a stronger leaner core, improve your balance, tone your body, and all while having fun!

Practice full spins of 360º or more—with this fun-but-challenging balance board. Initially invented with board sports in mind, this one-piece board is great for any athlete, fitness guru, injury prone adult, or sugar addicted child. Take your balance to a whole new level and get a great workout with Whirly Board!


“Indoor Fun to Build Outdoor Skills”

Practice balance for skateboarding, wake boarding, surfing, water skiing, yoga, snowboarding, Cross-country Skiing, hockey, figure skating, gymnastics, rehabilitation, building strong core muscles working out, using at your Stand Up Desk and more …


The Whirly Board is About Having Fun While Benefiting the Following Areas and more:

– Core muscle strengthening and balance training

– Improves agility (ability to be light and quick on your feet.)

– Quick reverts and 180s become instinctual and second nature

– Teaches proper mechanics of initiating spins

– Enhances spatial awareness and ability to stay on axis throughout rotational maneuvers

– Practicing handle passes for wakeboarding and water Skiing

– Adding rotations to butter slides or rail slides

– Stretches muscles on your ankles and knees after injury for rehabilitation and recovery

– Helps prevent falling for older people and unneeded hip surgery (*recommend using a chair to start)

– Keeps you active at work with the use of your stand-up desk


Each board is includes these components:

  • 1 quality Canadian maple skateboard deck featuring a heat transfer Mountain scene graphic
  • One large center balance ball molded from high density hard plastic. A rubber gasket is installed between the board and center ball to improve durability and strength.
  • 2 small balance balls. One on the nose and one also on the tail of the board, each is made from durable urethane rubber with a hardness around 110A. They are similar to a very hard skateboard wheel and are extremely durable!
Product Statistics:

length: 31.875”

width: 8.25”

weight: 6 lbs

Maximum User Weight: ~ 1 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Please watch our instructional video if you need help getting started!





Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions31.875 × 8.25 × 4.5 in
Center Ball Colors

Atomic Orange, Fugi Green, New Moon Black, Purple Storm

Grip Tape

Black Speckled Cork Rubber Grip, Plain Cork Rubber Grip, Skateboard Style Grip