Whirly Board | One Balance Board for any Lifestyle

Balance Training

Balance training becomes more fun and dynamic on a spinning balance board! The Whirly Board is perfect for improving balance and agility, preventing injury, rehabilitation, and mastering, new skills.

360° / 365 Days

The Whirly Board spins 360° on all three independent balance points. You will love practicing your favorite sport in the off-season, and you can use your board 365 days a year. Rainy days will be more fun when you can't get outside and those inbetween seasons will go by faster.

Aging Gracefully

Aging is a part of life. As we get older our balance gets worse. Fight back with the Whirly Board balance board! Using your Whirly Board will help in maintaining control of your body so you can prevent serious falls and injuries. No hip replacements this year!

All Skill Levels

Fun challenge for beginners, but difficult to master for long term enjoyment and progression. Start by subscribing to Whirly Board on YouTube to get started on balance training. Using your imagination to discover the endless possibilities will provide endless joy.

Core Muscles

Accelerate your core workout by strengthening your muscles that help support your entire body in half the time. Follow our 20 Minute Whirly Workout for maximum balance benefits and choose the exercises that are right for you.

Family Friendly

The Whirly Board is unique in form and function. It is used by board sport enthusiasts, fitness gurus, standing desk users and everyone in the family! Kids love to play on the Whirly Board. Challenging play will keep kids entertained and active for hours.

Practice Your ABC's


Learn to quickly change your body position by spinning back and forth between the center ball and end balls


Practice standing on one leg to achieve ultimate micro-control of your bodies movements

Core Stability

Every time you step onto your Whirly Board you are building core muscle strength

About our Startup

We are Whirly Board! Founded by inventor Erik Olsen who grew up in Minocqua, WI loving the outdoors and board sports. The Whirly Board is a revolutionary new balance board that allows you to spin 360˚ and engage all your body's core muscles.

The Whirly Board was originally designed for board sport training, yet it is one balance board that can fit any lifestyle. People now use Whirly Board all over the world as a standing desk balance board, fitness tool, and kids can't get enough!

Learn more about how late one night in Erik's garage with nothing more than a bowling ball and a dremel tool, he began to create what became the first Whirly Board.

Give it a Whirl Try Risk Free for 30 days

Put a Spin on Balance. Get Whirly Fit. Find your Equilibrium. Try Something New.