About Whirly Board

Whirly Board, LLC is a startup company founded on the belief that time spent riding a board is directly proportional to quality of life. A startup company and family business that originated in a small-town Wisconsin garage in 2014. Every board is hand made with care in the USA and comes with a Lifetime Manufacturers Guarantee.

The Whirly Board Story

Whirly Board Creator Interview

Our Story Whirly Board

I’ve always been passionate about the outdoors, splitting my childhood between Wisconsin and Florida, I naturally picked up on boardsports which became my favorite thing to do. There is something about being able to connect with nature on its level and trying to master all of its greatest challenges. I began to snowboard and wakeboard at a very young age and eventually wanted to learn some tricks. I found out my height combined with a lack of spatial awareness made it challenging to learn how to spin without getting the wind knocked out of me. After years of learning things the hard way, I wished I had something to help me practice spinning safely, but I couldn’t find the exact training tool that I needed.

A friend of mine introduced me to a roller style balance board but it just didn’t do it for me. It got easy quickly and I never really felt that the roller simulated real life board riding. There is a lot more to board control than rocking back and forth. The roller board was lacking the three-dimensional aspect that you feel when carving or spinning through the air and searching for your landing. I knew that I could create something better that added more dimensions of use. So late one night in my garage with a bowling ball and a dremel tool, I began to create what became the first Whirly Board.

- Erik Olsen | Creator  & Owner

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Whirly Board is a small family run business where everyone is willing to lend a hand.


Lander Olsen

Lander Olsen

Boss, Head Honcho, Leader guy, Motivational Speaker

Lander joined the Whirly Board team in 2018 specializing as a consultant to help increase productivity, quality, and customer focus. Lander is prone to surprise inspections and often calls mandatory board meetings at 3 am. He enjoys going for hikes, bike rides, or cross country skiing in his Landercraft.

Erik Olsen

Erik Olsen

Founder/Inventor, Whirly Board Salesman, Customer Service, Global Logistics, Assembly Line Worker, Box Taper, Janitor, Quality Assurance Supervisor, and Problem Solver

If you have seen a Whirly Board, there is a 100% chance that Erik had at least some part in building it. Erik is a fun loving adrenaline junkie with a passion for outdoor activities. If he's not building Whirlies, or inventing other new products, he is most likely riding a board of some kind, mountain biking, water skiing, or chasing big fish from his paddleboard. More recently, he spends more time being a dad, changing diapers, and teaching Lander to have fun outside. Erik’s creative tendency and entrepreneurial spirit, encouraged him to quit his "real job" and embark on a full-time journey creating new products for active lifestyles. Whirly Board is the first step in that journey, with many more new creations to come.

“I’m not in this to get rich selling cheaply made products that I never even see. I just want to make cool new stuff to help enjoy this awesome world. Products I believe in, that make people happy, and stand behind them.”

joanna mortensen

Joanna Mortensen

Assistant to the Boss, PR Director, Accountant, Marketing Executive, Social Media Coordinator, Digital Analyst, Website Creator, Creative Director, Graphic Designer, SEO Specialist, Foreman

Aside from managing the daily affairs of our Boss Lander, (a full time job in itself ... including overtime without pay) Joanna manages a plethora of digital headaches related to maintaining our presence online. Growing up in northern Wisconsin she developed a passion for the outdoors. Joanna enjoys camping, hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking, horseback-riding and many other recreational activities. Erik and Joanna first met and dated in high school. They reconnected in 2014 right before Erik took the leap to embark on the Whirly Board adventure. Enticed by the challenge of making it on their own, and her own entrepreneurial spirit, she chose to join him on the journey

Grandpa Olsen
Grandpa Mortensen

The Grandpas

Shipping and Receiving Experts, Construction Workers, General Maintenance, Advice Consultation

Lander's Grandpas, James Olsen and Claremont Mortensen, help out Whirly Board in many ways. They assist with order fulfillment and inventory management during busy times. Sometimes, this even means sacrificing valuable deer hunting time to ensure orders get out on time! They also helped with the construction of the new Whirly Board global headquarters. Whirly Board couldn't run without them.




What is our message?

We want to encourage people to get outside, be active, and chase their dreams. Try new things and have confidence in yourself. If you want to do something then find a way to make it happen. Don't be afraid to take a risk, the rewards are always better that way. Say less I should have, and more I am glad I did. Humans have so much potential we can literally do anything we put our mind to don't get stuck in a rut.

The future of Whirly Board

This is our 5th year in business and actually a very exciting time for us. We have officially outgrown our garage and basement and just completed construction on a new facility that will greatly increase efficiency and production capacity. We are also planning on bringing on at least 1 or 2 employees later this year as well. The popularity is increasing rapidly and we have exciting plans for the future which definitely involve more inventions and innovations.

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