What is a Whirly Board ?

The Whirly Board is an innovative new balance board. It is designed as a fun way to get some exercise, build fundamental skills, and improve your abilities in the comfort of your home, gym or office. Each board is constructed from a skateboard deck with triple half-sphere technology.

The Anatomoy of a Whirly Board

The construction of a Whirly Board begins with a high quality 8-ply Canadian Maple skateboard deck. Each board surface is covered with your choice of Eco-friendly cork rubber or standard skateboard grip tape to prevent slipping and increase gripping. Triple half-sphere technology allows for three separate balance points that will enable you to spin independently on each. 


Center Balance Ball

Th center balance ball is molded from high density polyethylene (HDPE). A rubber gasket is placed between the board and center ball to improve durability and strength.

Dimensions & Specifications

Length: 31.875"
Width: 8.25"
Weight: 6 lbs
Max User Weight: 400lbs

Nose & Tail Balance Balls

Two small balance balls are attached to the deck, one on the nose and one on the tail. We make each small ball from durable urethane rubber with a hardness around 110A. The material similar to a very hard skateboard wheel.


The original Whirly Board consists of a wooden balance board made from a standard 8.25″ wide Canadian Maple 8 ply skateboard deck. Each deck is unique containing a wood grain pattern that is contoured to help your feet grip the board. Skateboarders will feel right at home, and every one will appreciate the tried and true shape. 

Grip Surface

Skateboard Grip Tape: Has the feel of coarse grit sandpaper and provides the best traction. Best used with shoes and recommended for skateboarders and advanced skateboard-style tricks.

Cork Rubber Grip Tape:  Rigid yet soft with a classy appearance. We recommend wearing shoes for the best performance, but this material is softer so it is comfortable with bare feet or socks.

Benefits of the Whirly Board

  • Pure Fun!
  • Core muscle strengthening and balance training
  • Improve agility, be light and quick on your feet
  • Learn proper mechanics of initiating spins
  • Enhance spacial awareness
  • Practice handle passes
  • Rehabilitation and recover for ankle and knee injuries
  • Balance training for older people to prevent falls

Give it a Whirl Try Risk Free for 30 days

Put a Spin on Balance. Get Whirly Fit. Find your Equilibrium. Try Something New.