Whirly Board Standing Desk

A balance board for your office standing desk that will keep you motivated and working longer. Now you can stay healthy and active all day long.


Stay Motivated with Whirly Board Standing Desk Balance Board

How can a standing desk balance board help you? Anyone who has worked in an office knows the challenges that exist when dealing with office ergonomics. If our office's aren't organized and comfortable it can lead to the "wanderer syndrome"- a place filled with chair hopping, back pain, and decreased productivity.

Standing Desk Balance Board Benefits

“It's seriously the best thing to happen to me since I started working an office job. Everyone gets a kick out of it and I've gotten a few people to try it out."

-Trevor O.

Whirly Boards Alter Ego

Sure the Whirly Board is great as a standing desk balance board, but it also has an alter ego. While its serious side serves as an office trendsetter by day, it doubles as fun entertainment for the whole family by night. Incorporate it into your balance fitness workout or compete against the kids for the biggest trick. 

"Thanks for coming up with such a perfect replacement for my skateboard when I'm stuck at work. I work in IT and have a sit and stand desk. I can tell a huge difference in my skating."

-Adam J.

Corportate Custom Logos

Make your office more fun with a custom logo board and improve morale- work is better on a Whirly Standing Desk Board! The ultimate accessory customized to match your business. Get custom Whirly Boards with your company logo on them to keep yourself and your team motivated, active, and healthy!

***Bulk pricing discount options available and pricing varies based on quantity.

custom logo whirly boards with clear skateboard grip tape
Custom Whirly Board for Seljan Company
Rack of 4 Custom balance board for Oppgenetix
Custom Whirly Board F3CTA
Oppgenetix custom logo whirly boards with Corporate mumbo jumbo starter pack
Team Z 2017 Pic [14283]
Custom balance Board for AVW Elementary School

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