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whirly board for

standing desk

A balance board for your office standing desk that will keep you motivated and working longer. Now you can stay healthy and active all day long.

The Perfect Gift For Employees and Customers

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Stay motivated with Whirly Board.

How can a standing desk balance board help you? Anyone who has worked in an office knows the challenges that exist when dealing with office ergonomics. If our office’s aren’t organized and comfortable it can lead to the “wanderer syndrome”- a place filled with chair hopping, back pain, and decreased productivity.

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Boost productivity and focus

Stay focused at your standing desk work station while having fun! Back and neck pain can be huge distractors to our everyday lives. Being able to stand at work on a balance board, and strengthen those neglected muscles, will help you feel better and meet those deadlines!

Exercise While You Work

You can use your Whirly Board to actively stay in motion at your standing desk. Practice rocking back and forth between end balls, or impress your coworkers by walking it to the water cooler for a little office gossip.

Combat Weight Gain and Obesity

Standing on a balance board will constantly engage your core muscles. This will help you burn calories all day long and keep your weight in check. 

Lower Your Risk of Heart Attack

The Whirly Board can actually increase your overall longevity and decrease your risk for heart attack. According to the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, “Too much sitting seems to increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer”.

Improve mood and energy

You will notice a difference in your mood and energy when you use a balance board combined with a standing desk. Blood flows easier throughout your body as you keep active, allowing you to feel better about staying stuck in your cubicle.

Strengthen your core muscles

The core is essential to maintaining balance. The constant instability on your micro-muscles created by the Whirly Board kicks your core development into high gear.

From The Office To The Gym

Take your Whirly Board from the office straight to the gym. Check out our library of over 50 beginner and advanced exercises.

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