Whirly Board Lifestyle

The Whirly Board is more than just a balance board- it's an inspirational tool to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle while improving your abilities to help live out your athletic dreams. I created the Whirly Board because I became bored with my roller style balance board. I wanted something more. We live in a 3 dimensional world, why limit your balance practice to 2 dimensions on a roller?

The Whirly Board provides long lasting enjoyment and opportunity for progression for users of any skill level. From basic balance training to advanced tricks and maneuvers that improve spatial awareness and coordination, the WB is a universal fit for everyone in the family and more. The Whirly has also become very popular to keep your body active at a standing desks. Combine ergonomics, fun factor and increased mobility to your work day. No one said it would be easy but challenging ourselves is the best way to improve.

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