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We have had some requests for a wider version of the Whirly Board and here it is!

The NEW Whirly Wide has everything you love about the original Whirly Board but designed to be more comfortable for long term use at a standing desk, or for those with larger feet that know the consequences of “toe drag”! The original Whirly Board is pretty cool, but we will let you in on a little secret: This one is even better!

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Do you really guarantee the Whirly Board for Life?

Absolutely! We here at Whirly Board believe in quality of our craftsmanship and know what its like to have products built to break right after their warranty expires. Our materials are mostly sourced in Wisconsin and hand built in our home workshop.

Register your Whirly Board online with your unique serial number on our Whirly Warranty page so that you can always have a guaranteed replacement for any manufacture defects.

We guarantee that our boards are pretty much indestructible and we will replace it if for some freak chance something happens to it, and the shipping is on us.

Can I use my board on wood floors, tile or cement?

We are going to say a big NO on this one! Our reasons are two fold:

1) You might end up scratching your floors and the cost of repairing wood floors is not worth a whirl session!

2) It is not safe to use a Whirly Board on slippery surfaces. You are most likely going to damage yourself before your board.

We recommend buying one of our specially designed Whirl Mats to help you spin at your full potential. Don’t want to spend the extra money?

Thin carpet is what we recommend that works the BEST!


What is the Weight Limit?

We have driven over our test boards with a Jeep Grand Cherokee and didn’t have any issues. We also have thrown it off of a two story roof top without breaking.

We suggest a weight limit of around 500 lbs to be safe. If you are afraid of breaking your board, don’t fret, we have a Whirly Guarantee that will replace any board due to any manufacture defect.

If your board squashes or cracks, we will send you a new one! Just keep whirlin!

Please email us and let us know if you have any problems [email protected]

Do I need to wear shoes on my board?

Yes and No. It depends on the type of board that you get and what you will be using it for.

If you will be using your board to practice board sport tricks, we recommend getting the Skateboard Grip Tape style option and wearing shoes. This will give you more control and protect your feet from the abrasive grip tape.

If you will be using your board to work out or have kids that would use it often without shoes, we recommend the Cork Rubber Grip Tape style option that is softer on your hands and feet. You can still use shoes if you choose on the cork rubber because it is a very durable material.

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The 10” Whirly Wide Standing Desk Balance Board platform provides more surface area underfoot. We designed this board with comfort in mind making it a little bit easier to balance. Use it at your standing desk or its great for those with larger feet.



With a total length of 28” you can stand with a narrower and more comfortable stance allowing you to get the full advantage of all three balance points. This design is ideal for use as a standing desk balance board with a less athletic stance.


The eco-friendly cork rubber grip tape depicts the Teton Mountain range of Wyoming. It goes across the middle of the board raising the bar one notch higher. Add a mountain view to your office this year and keep your skills sharp at your standing desk. 


Even though this board is a little wider and a little easier, you can still get after it by practicing all the spins and tricks you have been thinking about. It’s never a bad idea to take a moment to wobble away from your standing desk and throw a backside 1080 to reset and get those creative juices flowing again


-High quality and crafted in WI, USA 7-ply Canadian Maple deck, measures 28” long and 10” wide. 
-The three semi-spherical balance points are the same as the original Whirly Board. Hard plastic in the middle and pretty hard plastic on the ends (105A) for a little bit of traction when you need it. 
-Can be used with socks or shoes on the eco-friendly cork rubber grip tape, and shoes are recommended for the plain grip tape.
-Intended to be used on a thin carpet or Whirly mat.
– All Whirly Boards include a 100% satisfaction guarantee and Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty. 
-Custom company logo options are also available on our Custom logo Whirly Board page.

Additional information

Weight6 lbs
Dimensions28 × 10 × 5 in
Grip Tape

Teton Mountain Cork Rubber, Skateboard Style Grip

Size Chart

28" long 10" wide just over 3" tall