Whirly Board Fitness

The perfect way to get in a little cardio, engage more muscles, strengthen your core, and make basic moves more difficult.


Workout Smarter - Not Harder Whirly Board Fitness

Time is precious, and there never seems to be enough of it during the day, so when we work out, we want to maximize our workouts in the least amount of time. Using a balance board in your daily routine will help cut your workout times in half, and is a great alternative if you can’t hit the slopes or waves.

Non-Stop Core Engagement

Core muscle strengthening and balance training

The core is essential to maintaining balance. The constant instability created by the Whirly Board kicks your core development into high gear.

"I absolutely love my Whirly Board! It has become a universal tool in my workouts, plus it’s wicked fun. As I wasn’t able to snowboard this year due to injuries this has been an awesome substitute, and it has helped with some of the recovery. All in all, this product is worth every penny." -Brooklyn

Simple Exercises Maximized

Make Basics Moves More Difficult

Familiar bodyweight exercises are amplified with the Whirly Board. By requiring more muscle groups to maintain stability, motions like pushups and squats build additional strength and burn more calories.

"Bought this for my son and it turns out it's fun for the whole family! Squats, push ups and more are all a total body workout when done on a Whirly Board! Great product!" -Jane D.

Who Uses the Whirly Board?

The Whirly Board can be used by anyone, almost anywhere. From kids to seniors, from average Joes to elite athletes, the Whirly Board makes exercise fun at any level.

Functional Fitness

Training on an unstable surface prepares you for whatever life throws at you. The Whirly Board offers a low-impact, total body workout that burns more calories and helps you get in better shape.

Sports Training

Balance, coordination, and reaction speed can give you a leg up on your competition. The Whirly Board improves all of that and more. Advantage -> you.

Optimal training for Hockey, Golf, Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Martial Arts, Mountain Biking, Skiing, Climbing, Boardsports and many more.

Physical Therapy

Injuries can be prevented by building up stabilizer muscles and joint strength. The Whirly Board is an effective way of doing just that. If you do get injured, using the Whirly Board will help you get through knee or ankle rehabilitation and get you back in action.

Yoga & Pilates

Balance and core strength are everything. Supplement your routine with balance training on the Whirly Board – you’ll feel the increased stability in every part of your practice.

Group Fitness

The Whirly Board creates a unique fitness experience that will set your facility apart from the rest. With an emphasis on core strength, the Whirly Board improves your client's overall balance and fitness in an engaging way that will keep them coming back for more.

Give it a Whirl Try Risk Free for 30 days

Put a Spin on Balance. Get Whirly Fit. Find your Equilibrium. Try Something New.