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Original Whirly Board with Speckled Cork Grip Tape paired with a durable non-slip Shred Session Mat and Stabilizer Ring. From beginner to advanced, it’s the perfect kit for years of fun!

The Whirly Board is an excellent training tool for any skill level. From beginner to advanced, this board has something to offer everyone in the family and is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who is up for the challenge! The Whirly Board combines agility, exercise, and fun to create the ultimate accessory for your home, office or gym.

  • Great for basic balance and agility training
  • Adding difficulty to your core workout
  • Practicing skills for any board sport
  • Staying active at a standing desk
  • Rehabilitating from an injury
  • Keeping the kids occupied while improving their motor skills.

Each Classic Whirly Board wooden balance board starts with a high quality 8-ply Canadian maple skateboard deck with medium concave and 8.25” wide. The curvature of the deck helps your feet grip and control the board for basic or advanced maneuvers alike. Practice full spins of 360º or more on three independent balance points with Whirly Board’s triple-half-sphere technology. The classic Whirly Board is a wooden balance board that is available with two grip tape style options that cover the top of the skateboard style deck.

Speckled Cork Rubber Grip Tape
  • The cork rubber comes in plain or black speckled and features our logo inlaid in the center.
  • Great for bare feet, socks or shoes
  • Eco-friendly cork rubber is soft on your hands when exercising
  • Provides plenty of traction for practicing spins
  • Classy design that is perfect for the office
  • The perfect blend of comfort and durability
Board Dimensions

Length: 31.875″

Width: 8.25″

Weight: 5 lbs

Max User Weight: 400 lbs

Shred Session Mat

Whirly Boards and Whirly Mats go together like peanut butter and jelly. Your board can be used anywhere on any surface with our highly durable recycled rubber mat. You can now protect your board and floors in style with a Whirly Board Mat…all sized differently based on functionality.

Made From Recycled Materials

Whirly mats are made from recycled rubber tires and offer the perfect blend of traction and durability. They provide an optimal surface for using the Whirly Board. Good traction allows you to stay in control while practicing various board sport tricks and exercises. Both the center ball and end balls will spin nicely on the rubber material.

Whirly Mat Sizing

The extra 1/8″ thickness of rubber cushion under your feet will help with anti-fatigue and overall traction, allowing better consistency while learning and practicing tricks and techniques. The mat will help prevent your board from slipping out underneath you.

48″ x 48″

Allows enough space for tricks and spins. Perfect for giving you extra tracking during practice while protecting your floors.

We also offer a lifetime manufacturer guarantee on all of our Whirly Mats and Whirly Boards.

Stabilizer Ring

The Whirly Board Stabilizer Ring was designed and created to accompany the Whirly Board balance board. It is a semi-rigid rubber ring with a harness of 90A allowing it to be slightly flexible. It provides the right amount of traction between the ring and the hard plastic center ball to offer some support without hindering motion. The ring was originally intended to help standing desk users who wanted to sit down for a while, but continue actively moving their legs and feet on the Whirly Board. The problem that occurs by sitting down and placing your feet on the board is lateral pressure that causes the board to slide away from your chair. The ring provides a receptacle for the center ball that keeps the boards location stationary, but still allows motion in all directions.

The whirly board stabilizer ring serves as “training wheels” for new users getting used to the feel of a Whirly Board.

It is still highly recommended to hold onto something stationary like a countertop or desk while getting started, even with the ring. It can still feel like a challenge, but once you find your balance the ring will help you maintain it easier and for longer. The center ball remains in contact with the ground, but the ring adds just a little bit of friction if you start to shift, this offers a subtle assistance controlling the motion

Beginners: The stabilizer ring helps maintain balance and get the feel for the board if you are just getting started. It is still recommended to hold onto something stationary while trying this balance board for the first time. With the stabilizer ring properly in place, once you find your balance it will be easier to maintain balance for longer periods of time.

While developing and testing the ring, we also found that it can be used and appreciated by more advanced users for fitness routines.

In this application, the ring again serves as a receptacle to help hold the board in place for fitness moves like push ups or mountain climbers. While the ring helps the board maintain its location, it does not hinder general movement. It still provides the core strengthening challenge of maintaining balance through the workout, but prevents the frustration of the board sliding away from you during your routine. Helpful ideas for these moves and more can be found in our free workout video on our Youtube channel.

Sit/Stand desk: Keep your legs moving even while sitting down to increase blood flow and prevent fatigue. Or give yourself a break while standing up by reducing the difficulty to maintain balance.

Fitness Routines: The Stabilizer ring helps the Whirly Board maintain its location by preventing any lateral sliding. Even while held in place by the ring, the board still provides the core strengthening benefits of maintaining balance and does not hinder the dynamic 3 dimensional motion of the board.

Use it anywhere: By providing a solid receptacle for the center ball, The Whirly Stabilizer ring allows you to balance just about anywhere. It also provides a home base for the board to rest on while not in use at a work station or gym.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 8 × 5 in


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