Whirly Board Board Sports

Get comfortable with rotations so you know what to expect on your first 360°, or easily add another 180° to your biggest spin.


Transition Seasons 360°/365 days a year

Practice in the off-season and fill the gap between seasons. It's always perfect weather in the comfort of your own home. The Whirly Board balance board is the perfect solution for transition seasons when it's too cold for wakeboarding, but not quite cold enough for snowboarding. Keeping your skills sharp in the off season enables you to be shready when opportunity strikes.


The Whirly Board is better than other balance boards that are on a separate two-dimensional roller. All three balance points allow you to spin 360° for a three-dimensional balance immersion, engaging a multitude of muscle groups simultaneously, thus achieving perfect balance.

  • Enhance board control skills at any level
  • Practice initiating spins and improve spatial awareness
  • Take your riding to the next level
  • Be quicker on your feet and prevent falls
board sport training for snowboarder


  • Quick reverts and 180s become second nature
  • Learn proper mechanics of initiating spins
  • Practice handle passes for all types of water sports
  • Add rotations to butter slides or rail slides
  • Use the Whirly Board Wakeboard Handle to practice handle passes.
  • Don't get lost in the air, learn how to initiate spins and land them without injury
  • Achieve greater balance and stronger legs for powerful carving


  • Feel right at home on an actual skateboard deck
  • Practice tricks in the comfort of your living room 
  • Get your skating fix even on a rainy day
  • Practice kickflips, throw huge shuvits, spins, and quick reverts to prevent eating concrete 
board sports balance board skateboarding


  • Learn the mechanics to initiate spins
  • Master board control
  • Acquire excellent ankle strength to perform the basics of the Bottom Turn.
  • Learn to distribute your weight properly for more advanced moves like the Carve 360.

Great for ANY Athlete

More than a Balance Board

What makes a Whirly Board unique are the three independent balance points. Each balance point allows pivoting or spinning for endless possibilities of motion, skills, and tricks.

When we started working on the design for this balance board we were like hey, you have got to be able to pull some awesome tricks on this thing or there really is no point. Its easy for experienced riders to get bored on something like this when all you can do is rock back and forth and maybe do a little something here and there. We wanted to change this from the beginning, and through a bunch of testing and prototyping, we were able to design a board worth using. The Whirly Board allows for more tricks and more progression than any other balance board on the market, period. The only limit is your imagination.

Practice full spins of 360º or more—with this fun-but-challenging balance board. Initially invented with board sports in mind, this solid one-piece board is great for any athlete. Take your balance and skills to a whole new level and get a great workout with Whirly Board!

Indoor fun to build outdoor skills for skateboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, all forms of water skiing, yoga, snowboarding, Cross-country Skiing, hockey, figure skating, gymnastics, rehabilitation, building strong core muscles working out, using at your Stand Up Desk and more ..

  • Snowboarding
  • Skateboarding
  • Wakeboarding
  • Waterskiing
  • Surfing
  • Hockey
  • Figure Skating
  • Gymnastics
  • Paddleboarding

Practice Your ABC's


Learn to quickly change your body position by spinning back and forth between the center ball and end balls


Practice standing on one leg to achieve ultimate micro-control of your bodies movements

Core Stability

Every time you step onto your Whirly Board you are building core muscle strength

Custom Team or Logos

Make your team more fun with a custom logo board and improve morale- training is better on a Whirly Board! The ultimate accessory customized to match your team. Get custom Whirly Boards with your team logo on them to keep yourself and your team's skills sharp!

***Bulk pricing discount options available and pricing varies based on quantity.


Give it a Whirl Try Risk Free for 30 days

Put a Spin on Balance. Get Whirly Fit. Find your Equilibrium. Try Something New.