How to Make Sports Performance Training Thrilling With Whirly Board

An athlete’s passion for his/her sport of choice is well known. It’s a heady mix of competition, joy, exhilaration at a win, and the pain of a loss. Being an athlete means constantly working to stay on top of your game and ahead of your competitors. The Whirly Board balance board is an exciting, entertaining, and incredibly effective sports performance training tool, especially for board sport athletes. 

woman doing sports performance training on a whirly board

Reaction time, stability, strength, agility, coordination, and confidence are all critical skills for board athletes that can be trained and improved on a Whirly Board. We’ve put together a quick routine for each of the 4 most popular boarding sports in America to help you get started.

Snowboarding Sports Performance Training Exercises 

Just because the powder has melted on the slopes doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Off-season snowboard sports performance training doesn’t have to be all dull sessions in the gym. Grab a Whirly Board, take it outside, and try out these moves. 

  • Quivering Squat: Stand on your board with both feet, shoulder-width apart, toes forward. Engage your core and bend at the hips, knees, and ankles. Sit back into a squat position, hold for 10 seconds, and try not to quiver too much. Return to standing and repeat.
  • Stanky-Leg Deadlift: Stand with your left foot on the center of your board and your right foot on the floor. Shift your weight to the left leg, keeping a slight bend in the knee. Perform a single-leg deadlift while maintaining balance on the board. Repeat on the other leg.
  • Faceplant Push-up: Put your hands on your board in a wide push-up position. Extend your legs behind you, lift into plank position, and do a push-up. At the bottom of the pushup, burst upwards and away from the board. Catch your fall on the board, and don’t faceplant.

Training For Surfing On a Whirly Board

On days when you can’t make it to the water, bring the motion of the ocean home. When it comes to sports performance training for surfers, these Whirly Board exercises can be almost as fun as the real thing. 

  • Wipe-Out Push-Up: Get into the push-up position with your feet balanced on your board. Maintain balance on the board while you do as many push-ups as you can. 
  • Wobbly Rows: Perform your rowing exercises while you sit on a Whirly Board. The added challenge will engage your core in dynamic ways.
  • Row Boat Twist: A new spin on the Russian Twist. Put your balance board under your booty, and assume the standard ‘V’ shape posture. Keep the board edges from touching the ground while you rotate through the core from side to side.

Amp Up Your Skateboarding Sports Performance Training

When you’re trying to fine-tune your skateboarding skills or learn a new trick, no piece of sports performance training equipment is better suited than a Whirly Board. Make your skateboard training session even more gnarly by stepping on a Whirly Board to test yourself. 

young woman does skateboard sports performance training on a Whirly Board
  • Sobriety Test Duck Walk: Stand with feet at shoulder width apart. Sit your hips back and bend your knees into a half-squat position. Keep your chest up and clasp your hands in front of your chest. Keeping your knees bent in the half-squat position, slowly duck walk forward 10 steps. In the same position, duck walk back 10 steps.
  • Calf Tipping: Stand in balance on your board and lift your heels. Hold the position while you tip the board forward. Lower heels, return to balance, and repeat. 
  • The Spins: Any spin you can do on a skateboard, you can do on a Whirly Board! Next time you’re rained out of the park, grab your Whirly Board and get in some extra sports performance training.

Paddleboarding Training

Stand-up paddleboarding may not be the first sport you think of in the context of sports performance training, but competitive SUP is growing in popularity. For athletes bringing this sport to the forefront, here’s how to train better with a Whirly Board.

  • Vertical Victory Jump: Balance on your board with both feet about shoulder-width apart. In one quick burst, jump upwards and try to land back on the board without falling.
  • Thor’s Paddle: Attach a baseball bat weight to your paddle or pole. Stand on your Whirly Board with your weighted paddle and take a fake ride. After a while, remove the weight and feel your power. 
  • Moving Plank: Place your hands on the board, shoulder width apart, and lift your body into the standard plank position. Hold your plank for 10 seconds, then rock the boat by shifting your weight from left to right for 20 seconds.

The Fun of Sports Performance Training

Training sessions can sometimes feel dull or repetitive. It’s easy to get bored with the same old routine. Finding new, dynamic ways to move your body will strengthen it and make you a better athlete. A Whirly Board makes an excellent addition to any athlete’s collection of sports performance training tools. You gain physical and mental benefits from using a balance board. Give it a WHIRL, and let us know if the Whirly Board helps you exceed your goals. 

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