A Balance Board For Your Standing Desk Can Help You Stay Healthy

How a Standing Desk and Balance Board can Help you be Healthy at Work

Here at Whirly Board, we truly believe in using a balance board at a standing desk or standing workbench improves the quality of your work day. In fact, there is a very good chance your Whirly Board was built while standing on a Whirly Board!

Stay Healthy by Keeping your Muscles and Brain Active

Incorporating a Whirly Board with your standing desk helps keep your body active all day long. Sitting in a chair or even standing still is hard on our bodies. Keeping your muscles active while improving your balance and agility, will leave you feeling far better at the end of the work day than the co-worker who just spent 8 hours in a chair!!

I won’t tell you directly that the Whirly Board will increase your productivity, like some ads I have seen, because that is ultimately up to you! What I can say, is the Whirly Board might help boost office morale. It gives you the option to take a quick “whirly break” to work on some tricks, while collecting your thoughts or talking on the phone. Return to your desk refreshed with a new positive outlook on the issue at hand.

Sitting all Day is Just Not Fun!

Why not keep your body active, and get some core exercise while at work? We all know sitting at a desk all day is horrible for our bodies. Having a standing desk is a good start to solving this problem; but just standing still all day is hard on your body too! Using a balance board at your standing desk keeps your legs and hips active all day which t is better for your entire body. It helps prevent a sore back while making you stronger.

The great thing about the Whirly Board, as your skills improve, new options become available! Eventually you don’t have to leave it at your desk, but you can whirl across the room as needed (not recommended for getting a coffee).

Get Your Own Customized Logo

Love where you work like we do? We can customize Whirly Boards with your company logo on the deck! Gather up your favorite coworkers and order a few boards that the rest of your company will be jealous over. We just want to emphasize caution because you could become the most popular person in the office.

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